We recognize that a simple list of consulting services does not distinguish one firm from another—it is merely a starting point. For GAVION clients, it is our “extension of your staff” philosophy, drawing on years of investment research, client consulting and strategy implementation experience, that defines our true scope of services. For example…

Policy Review & Strategy Design

  • Develop/Review investment policy
  • Creation of strategic asset allocation
  • Define tactical parameters for asset classes and managers (e.g. min/max ranges)
  • Determine service level, such as level of discretion (non-discretion or limited discretion), meeting requirements, role of the investment committee, etc.

Strategy Implementation

  • GAVION’s open architecture combines our research, technology and services to meet the unique investment and reporting needs of each client

Monitor, Evaluate & Report

  • Monitor compliance with policies
  • Evaluate effectiveness of strategy vs. goals
  • On-going investment manager due diligence
  • Performance evaluation reporting

Tactical Recommendations & Actions

  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing
  • Managing cash flow/liquidity requirements
  • Overweight/Underweight managers and/or strategies