An old Spanish spelling of gabions, these cylindrical structures were filled with earth and gravel to build and fortify fortress walls. More than a word…

GAVION is focused.

We are an independent, institutional consulting firm with no affiliated businesses. We are large enough to provide fully resourced solutions to our clients, yet small enough to truly appreciate and value each client relationship.

GAVION builds relationships, not accounts.

Our firm’s culture emphasizes the time-tested fundamental necessities of honesty, disciplined work ethic, service and trust.

GAVION is fundamental and essential.

As the consulting industry fragments, GAVION remains true to the “art and science” of investment consulting through both limited discretion and non-discretionary client relationships.

GAVION adapts, yet provides continuity.

Relationships evolve and clients’ needs change over time, but a strong, consistent foundation must remain in place for growth to take place.

GAVION is timeless.

With well over 100 years of collective institutional investment experience, our professionals have a long history of success and stability working together to serve institutional clients throughout the country.

GAVION is an ideal.

It is the understanding that many are always stronger than one, that growth comes through seizing opportunity and that long-term prosperity begins with a strong foundation.